We exist to facilitate opportunities for learners at educational centers of excellence. The purpose of these opportunities is to bring out the best in these individuals by placing them in an environment in which they can thrive. The stories of these transformed lives will in turn inspire their families and greater communities, with the hope that one day these learners will be in a position to make a contribution to social change, themselves, in South Africa.



We practice a part-funding model. The partner school, the Amathuba Foundation, and a learners’ caregiver are all responsible for funding a
learner’s high school years.

We believe in mentorship. A successful opportunity is not fully realised through funding alone. Real success is measured by how much
a learner feels a sense of belonging within their learning space, where they can truly thrive. Which is why, through relationship, we can
show learners that “how you feel matters”. This is why we invest in constant relationship building and mentorship where our
recipients are given a voice. We don’t believe any recipient should simply ‘say the right thing and appreciate the opportunity’ and
assimilate to their environment. Our B-CRIGG mentorship programme, offered by young adult members of Amathuba and in
partnership with champion teachers
, runs congruently with the academic programme for the five years of their high school career. Through this mentorship
programme we focus on our core values: BELONGING, COMPASSION, RELATIONSHIPS, INTEGRITY, GRATITUDE and

The Frank Jackson Foundation. The Frank Jackson Foundation, based in the UK, currently sponsors 4 learners every year to attend two
primary schools within the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands. These learners become full boarders from Grade 4-7 and receive an outstanding
foundation in the areas of academics, cultural activities, sports codes, EQ development and spiritual growth. Through our existing
partnership with the foundation, we aim to facilitate positions to learners who will need to fund their own high school if they are not offered
a substantial scholarship or bursary funding. Due to this, our selection costs are minimal and the research on potential candidates is thorough and trustworthy. We believe in offering a boarding opportunity at high school level. It not only levels the playing field for disadvantaged learners but provides the necessary stability to ensure academic, cultural and sports involvement is easily accessible
enabling learners to thrive and not just survive.

We believe in the power of sustainable generosity
, whereby those afforded an opportunity, uplift communities, and bring about
social change in their country. We believe that opportunity has a multiplier effect. The Amathuba Foundation, therefore, welcomes the involvement of past beneficiaries in our programme as active participants in our programme.



BELONGING– we value a culture of “I belong”

COMPASSION– we value kindness and big heartedness

RELATIONSHIPS – we value real, meaningful connections through consistent communication

INTEGRITY – we uphold honesty and good stewardship

GRATITUDE – we value humility and appreciation

GENEROSITY– we value giving as a way of life



In partnership with excellent high schools within Kwa-Zulu Natal, we offer part-funding to deserving candidates combined with a thorough mentorship programme. These learners apply in Grade 6 and, if selected, are placed in suitable high schools. Where possible, boarding is part of the opportunity.


In our South African schooling context, schools are maintained by a trained Support Staff who look after the school grounds and perform cleaning services. Many of these individuals were unable to access quality education for themselves and are often currently only able to provide a minimal quality of education to their own children.

The Sawubona Amathuba Programme works together with our partner schools, to help provide better educational opportunities for the children of the Support Staff. The Amathuba Foundation partners with a school’s Management Team to facilitate the selection of beneficiaries, the management of funding given, and the monitoring of each unique situation.

Transformation within South African school environments is at its truest sense when individual hearts transform. We believe that this kind of programme enables schools to foster a greater sense of belonging for all stakeholders.


Chris and Ali Kingsley


Chris and Ali are both passionate educators, of different phases in education. They both share a heart for initiatives such as this having been involved in programmes of this kind over the past 16 years in the various schools where they have taught. They love to interact, care for, host and walk a road with people, especially young people. Knowing that there are missed opportunities out there eats them up at night and finding solutions to the real issues within our education system is part of their dinner time conversation. They come alive when they hear stories of young people who have been given a step up. They have worked with privileged environments long enough to know that there are many who want to help and want to make a difference. They believe in change, in ‘action-ing’ change and that anything is possible in Project South Africa.

Magdel Hounsom


Magdel is a passionate occupational therapist with a heart for helping children from all walks of life. She has served both privileged communities and impoverished communities with her expert skills and believes in bringing the two together wherever possible.

Aphiwe Mthalane


Aphiwe was given an opportunity to attend Cordwalles Preparatory School on a Frank Jackson Scholarship and went on to attend Michaelhouse through the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation. Aphiwe is passionate about education and is currently studying towards a Bachelor of Education degree. He has a particular interest in the mentorship of scholars within the Amathuba Foundation as he believes that this is key in aiding our scholars to feel they can reach out for guidance through their high school years.

Ntando Dube


Ntando is a dynamic young lady with big dreams, an influential voice and the ability to ‘make things happen’. She was a Frank Jackson recipient and attended Clifton Nottingham Road School. After being awarded a scholarship to attend St. Johns Diocesan School for Girls, she was elected as Head Girl in 2020. She is passionate about topics that bring real social change and is not afraid to live out her beliefs.

Kwanda Sibiya

Informal Advisor ( Educator )

Kwanda was born and raised in a small town, Manguzi. He went through underprivileged schooling and went on to study teaching, majoring in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. He has taught across all sectors of schooling: rural, ex-Model C, and private therefore he has a broad understanding of the education sector in different economic conditions. He is currently finishing his Masters in Physics Education.

Tim Hilliar

Informal Advisor ( Public Health specialist )

A centralized passion in Tim’s life has always been to ensure that young disadvantaged people get an opportunity to develop and grow. His strong sense of social justice, health equality, and empowerment have driven me to be in the field that he is engaged in currently. He believes in a sustainable approach to development; by providing the correct tools for disadvantaged people to change their current situations. Nine years of academic study, ending with obtaining a master’s in Public Health, has allowed him to expand his perspective and develop a strong reasoning skill. The majority of his working career has been in implementing and managing youth programmes around South Africa with his current involvement being in the public sector enhancing local economic development.


Informal Advisor ( PRINCIPAL)

Thembi Ndlovu is a home-grown leader who started as a teacher at Inanda Seminary in 1999 and after a short period out in public school, returned and moved through the leadership ranks of the organization as Grade Head, Head of Department, Programme Manager of Khanyisa Inanda Seminary Community Projects and now Principal. Ms. Ndlovu is a true product of the Seminary whose values are deeply entrenched in her life. She has a special focus on personal and professional development amongst teachers, as well as on socio-emotional learning.

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